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Medixcope, our partner in Turkey..


Our vision

We aim to be your life partner in your health and brand as your health assistant, who integrates the most advanced technologies with expert staff, provides most qualified health services of Turkey and delivers the services of leading health groups that adopt human-oriented approaches.


Our misson

To be the leading brand in healthcare services that increase the quality of life with a service approach that is respectful to all values, without compromising our ethical principles in the healthcare sector.

We help Africans to have access to top hospitals in the world with minimal cost.


Our values

Human is at the center of the healthcare sector. The goal and measure of the services we provide is human. Based on scientific thinking, combining all the developments in the world with our experience, using it in the field of health, respecting patient rights, privacy, values and ethical rules, being hardworking and pioneering in a way to raise the services we offer above the world standards.


1. BHT Clinic İstanbul Tema hospital
2. Güngören hospital
3. Medipol hospital
4. Memorial hospital
5. Emsey hospital
6. Academic Hospital
7. Okan Universitesi Hospital
8. Medistanbul Hospital
9. Baypark Hospital
10. Nişantaşı Hospital
11. Acıbadem taksim Hospital
12. Momart(Tüp Baby Center)
13. Eren Hospital
14. Antalya Memorial Hospital
15. Hospitadent(diş) Dental Hospital
16. Esnan oral and dental health center
17. Boğaziçi Dentql Clinic
18. Dentatar clinic

System Hospital

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